Administration job a formative experience for Alex

Alex has cemented her wish to work in family law in her time working at Caxton as an Administration Officer. Here is her account.

My name is Alex and I currently work as an Administration Officer here at Caxton Legal Centre. I have worked here for just over a year now and find it an extremely rewarding experience.

Working at Caxton has enabled me to grow in confidence and has expanded my knowledge of the ins and outs of law whilst studying my LLB. My desire to practice in family law has been reinforced by working alongside the most honest and genuine lawyers here at Caxton, and I feel outstandingly privileged to do so. The most vulnerable people in society walk through Caxton’s doors each and every day and knowing that I may have imparted Caxton’s values deeply humbles me. I am looking forward to witnessing Caxton grow further in the richness of its expertise and will always value my time working here.