Solicitors and barristers

Caxton’s continuing success is built on the ongoing support and generosity of its 200+ volunteer lawyers. Many of our volunteers are senior lawyers in busy practices who make their time available for the benefit of our clients. Volunteering at Caxton is not only personally satisfying but also an opportunity to work alongside some of Brisbane’s best legal minds.

Caxton is currently seeking lawyers from varied practice areas to contribute through the evening legal advice sessions. There is a particular need for people with experience advising in employment and family law.

Legal volunteers must:

  • be currently employed in a legal position that provides legal advice (excluding barristers and academics) or have one year experience within the past three years in a position where they have provided legal advice
  • hold a current practising certificate or be eligible to apply for a volunteer practising certificate through the Queensland Law Society.

Barristers and academics must have one year of experience in a legal position within the past three years or have been admitted to the Bar for at least two years.

People volunteering on the basis of a volunteer practising certificate need to provide a copy to Caxton prior to joining the volunteer roster. The application form for a volunteer practising certificate can be found on the Queensland Law Society website.

View the position description here.

As a Caxton volunteer you can attend any of our periodic continuing professional development sessions.

To get involved, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Community legal centres throughout the country rely on volunteer contributions to deliver specialised and generalist services. For more information on community legal centres and other volunteer opportunities visit or

Volunteer authors

Caxton Legal Centre also relies on volunteers to contribute to its publications, particularly the Queensland Law Handbook Online and the Lawyers Practice Manual. If you would like to author or update a chapter in these respected publications, please contact the centre.

All authors of the Lawyers Practice Manual are entitled to a free subscription to the service. The Queensland Law Handbook Online is available for free to the community.