Caxton has a specialist Consumer Credit Law Service that focuses on consumer debt. The Consumer Credit Law Service can give advice to people with legal problems arising out of consumer credit contracts.

If you have any of the following problems, you can book for an appointment with our Consumer Credit Law Service:

  • Your house is being, or has been, repossessed.
  • You are having trouble with your home loan or mortgage.
  • You have received debt collection letters or court documents.
  • You are being pursued by debt collectors.
  • You are suffering financial hardship and cannot meet your loan or credit card obligations.
  • You are having problems with a mortgagee-in-possession or you want to know your rights after your house or goods are repossessed.
  • You cannot meet repayments on a payday loan or other unsecured loans.
  • You bought something and are paying it off over time, and there is a problem with the goods or the loan.
  • You think your lender is charging too much in fees, charges or interest.
  • You didn’t get what you thought you were getting when you took out a loan.
  • You have any other debt or credit legal problem and you need legal advice.

Appointments are available face to face or over the telephone during business hours and also after hours. If you are not sure whether the Consumer Credit Law Service can help, please talk to our reception staff.

The Consumer Credit Law Service can also help with some insurance problems, but not motor vehicle accident or personal injury problems.

We can give advice to anyone (even a person living in another state) who has borrowed money or bought goods from a financial institution or trader located in Queensland.