What does the Consumer Credit Law Service do?

This specialist service focuses on home, car and essential goods repossession, payday loans, and unfair guarantees and loans. To see if we can help you with your specific legal problem and to find out if you are eligible for the Consumer Credit Law Service, please read our eligibility guidelines.

How can this service help?

Appointments are available face to face or over the telephone during business hours and (sometimes) after hours. If you are not sure whether the Consumer Credit Law Service can help, please talk to our reception staff.

We can give advice to anyone (even a person living in another state) who has borrowed money or bought goods from a financial institution or trader located in Queensland.  We can generally also speak to financial counsellors if available.

We can only help with ‘consumer’ credit (for domestic and household purposes) and cannot assist with business debts.

Self-help resources

For more information see our chapters published in the Contracts, Money and Property section of the Queensland Law Handbook.

The Consumer Credit Law Service is a program within the Human Rights and Civil Law Practice.