Caxton undertakes a number of significant law reform projects each year.

Community consultation, where appropriate, is undertaken to provide the basis for law reform proposals.

Submission in response to the Review of the Family Law System Issue Paper 48

Caxton Legal Centre Inc. has extensive practice experience in family law based on the wide variety of family law programs our lawyers and social workers are engaged in. Read more.

Caxton Legal Centre supports prohibition on paper billing fees

Caxton Legal Centre strongly supports a prohibition on paper billing fees as we consider that the issue has particular ramifications for Caxton’s clients. Read more.

Call for national commitment to stamp out elder abuse

The National Association of Community Legal Centre’s National Older Persons Legal Services Network submitted a response to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into elder abuse. The submission discussed the need for the establishment of a national entity designed to stamp out elder abuse. Read more.

Submission to the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act Review

This submission is informed by the experience of our lawyers and social workers who have worked in domestic violence matters on behalf of both victims and perpetrators, including in the area of elder abuse. Read more.

Submission to the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland’s Review of the G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013

As the coordinators of the Independent Legal Observer Project, Caxton Legal Centre was well placed to make observations about how the G20 laws were used in practice and about the impact of the potential misuse of powers on the preparedness of individuals to participate in lawful expressions of political communication during the G20 Summit.  Read the G20 Review submission

Since July 2014, Caxton Legal Centre has not been funded to undertake law reform activities. We rely upon independently sourced funds to undertake law reform projects.

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