Caxton Legal Centre is passionate about achieving positive outcomes for vulnerable people. Read our two-page Impact Report to get a snapshot view of our work, our main focus and our clients we represented in the 2019-2020 financial year.

Our casework practice provides individual clients with a pathway to justice and sets legal precedents meaning that, in future, the law is fairer for everyone.

Client stories

Race discrimination found in school’s attempt to unenroll student

Young Cyrus Taniela’s right to maintain a culturally specific hairstyle at school has been upheld by Queensland’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Caxton Legal Centre acted in race discrimination proceedings against Cyrus’ school, which had proposed to unenroll him because of his long hair. Read more.

Rhea fights to reclaim her money

Rhea thought she had jointly purchased a property with her son and daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, after several years, she discovered the property was owned by a company they controlled. Read more.

Mrs S is supported to escape her abusive husband

Mrs S lives with a disability and was dependent on her spouse as a result of a stroke 20 years ago. She was referred to Caxton’s Seniors Legal and Support Service after carers at a respite centre noticed she had a black eye. Mrs S experienced physical, psychological and financial abuse from her husband throughout their long marriage and Mrs S’s husband controlled all finances, monitored the mail and would not allow her to use the phone or leave the house other than as arranged by him.   Read more.

Veronica’s successful disability discrimination case

We are celebrating an important human rights decision in the Queensland Court of Appeal that stands to benefit many vulnerable Queenslanders. Our client, Veronica Woodforth successfully established that Queensland’s laws protect people from discrimination on the basis of a ‘characteristic’ that forms part of an attribute, and therefore communication difficulties are necessarily a part of being deaf. This is a great outcome for the deaf community. Read more.

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