Caxton Legal Centre is passionate about achieving positive outcomes for vulnerable people.

Our casework practice provides individual clients with a pathway to justice and sets legal precedents meaning that, in future, the law is fairer for everyone.

Client stories

Lauren wins appeal of QCAT decision

On behalf of our client Lauren, Caxton argued that there were errors in the way a disability discrimination matter was handled by the first QCAT decision maker (when our client was unrepresented), such that the hearing was unfair. As a result the client got less compensation than she would have in a fair hearing. Caxton was successful and will now have the chance to argue again about compensation and this time hopefully get Lauren a more suitable outcome. The case also discusses the sorts of help a decision maker in QCAT needs to give to an unrepresented person. Read more.

Caxton helps Beth live her final months in peace

Beth* was already dying when Caxton’s Family and Elder Law Team (FELT) encountered her as a client. Caxton’s involvement allowed Beth to live her final months free from the violence and controlling behaviour that had dominated the last five years of her life. Read more.

Veronica’s successful disability discrimination case

We are celebrating an important human rights decision in the Queensland Court of Appeal that stands to benefit many vulnerable Queenslanders. Our client, Veronica Woodforth successfully established that Queensland’s laws protect people from discrimination on the basis of a ‘characteristic’ that forms part of an attribute, and therefore communication difficulties are necessarily a part of being deaf. This is a great outcome for the deaf community. Read more.

Barbara: ‘I am so thankful to have my freedom again.’

Barbara was incorrectly diagnosed with dementia and housed in a locked ward of a private aged care facility. Read more.

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