Caxton Legal Centre provides free legal advice to people on a low income or who experience other disadvantage.

Call us on (07) 3214 6333 if you would like to make an appointment.

What we can help with

Caxton Legal Centre’s Human Rights and Civil Law Practice can assist with a wide range of legal problems including:

  • criminal charges
  • traffic offences
  • car accidents
  • second-hand car purchases
  • disputes with mechanics
  • disputes between neighbours
  • SPER debts
  • victims of crime
  • money loaned to friends
  • guardianship
  • powers of attorney
  • disputes between tenants (co-tenants)
  • blue card applications and more.

What we cannot help with

There are some matters we cannot help with. Please click here to refer to the our full list of legal problem types we CANNOT assist with before calling to make an appointment.

Advice is not given to:

  • employers: employment responsibility matters
  • landlords: tenancy-related matters
  • guarantors seeking a solicitor’s certificate about a loan.