Caxton Legal Centre hosts the Justice in Focus Series, a set of regular public forums that enrich public debate on topics of local and national importance, in partnership with the law schools at Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland.

Each forum features a panel of leading thinkers representing a range of socio-legal views on the topic.

The Justice in Focus Series regularly features on ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas program. Forums take place at various locations in Brisbane’s CBD. Refreshments are served at the close of each event.

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Past events

A uncertain path: Navigating voluntary assisted dying laws in Australia

Voluntary assisted dying laws raise vital questions about our approach to death and suffering as a society.

Listen to our panel share their expertise in the fields of law, ethics and psychiatry to discuss some of the complexities these laws present in conversation with Radio National’s Scott Stephens.

Podcast available here.

Biometrics, privacy and the law 

Technology using facial recognition, fingerprints and other data based on the human body is quickly becoming the norm in the name of protecting against terrorism, immigration breaches and other crimes. This talk explored some of the current biometrics applications in Australia and the laws that regulate them.

A podcast of the conversation can be accessed here. 

Information about older Justice in Focus events is available here.

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