How SLASS can help me? 

The Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) provides free legal and social work support for older persons experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment, neglect or financial exploitation. 

Our lawyer and social worker will talk with you about what steps can be taken to address elder abuse including: 

  • steps to stay safe 
  • short-term counselling 
  • how to keep money and assets safe, or recover money or assets 
  • legal rights and options 
  • in certain circumstances, representing a client in court or before a tribunal. 

You can decide whether you want SLASS to take action or not and if so, what option suits you the best. 

Older persons experiencing abuse may contact the service directly. Family members and service providers may contact us to refer an older person for whom they hold concerns and SLASS will then contact the older person directly. 

SLASS is available to provide free community education about elder abuse and related topics. 

SLASS and Caxton Legal Centre cannot provide assistance with estate planning or conveyancing. 

What is elder abuse? 

Elder abuse and financial exploitation usually occur within the family, but older persons may also experience abuse from carersneighbours, friends or services. 

Common situations where elder abuse occurs include: 

  • a family member (usually son, daughter or grandchild) living in the home and being verbally abusive, not contributing financially or not agreeing to move out when requested 
  • a break down in family agreements to loan money, build a granny flat, provide money/assets in exchange for care 
  • long-term abuse or violence from a partner 
  • denial of opportunity to spend time with grandchildren 
  • misuse of a power of attorney or denial of an older person’s right to make their own decisions and control their finances 
  • receipt of a carer’s pension without providing the care 
  • older people being forced to sign legal documents. 

Read the discussion papers from the National Elder Abuse Conference 2019 here.

Multidisciplinary model

Read about the SLASS multidisciplinary model here.

Legal information  

SLASS publishes valuable factsheets to provide easy access to information on common legal matters for seniors.  

A number of factsheets have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Serbian and Tagalog.