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Decriminalisation of Public Offences

Law reform submission to the parliamentary committee Caxton has joined with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health Ltd (IUIH) to make a submission to the Queensland Parliamentary Community Support and Services Committee supporting the decriminalisation of public drunkenness, begging and other similar offences. IUIH is a not-for-profit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled health service, … Continue reading Decriminalisation of Public Offences

History in the Making

Domestic and family violence needs to be everybody’s business. The time has come for a total system overhaul if the Queensland Government wants change. Caxton acknowledges the Queensland Government’s historic announcement, committing a $363 million package to combat domestic abuse. The government’s Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce (the Taskforce) was established in December 2021 and … Continue reading History in the Making

Legal Information for the SEQ Community – 2022 Floods

Your Rights in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster After a flood, many people have immediate legal problems including tenancy, employment and family law issues. Down the track, problems with insurers, banks and neighbours can emerge. There is good-quality legal information available in the Queensland Law Handbook (QLH) and on the websites of Legal Aid … Continue reading Legal Information for the SEQ Community – 2022 Floods

Big Ideas – ABC Radio National

How do we Stop Coercive Control and Elder Abuse? Listen to Thelma Schwartz, Dr Heather Nancarrow and Helen Wallace in conversation with Paul Barclay (ABC Radio National) discussing the proposal to criminalise coercive control, an insidious form of domestic violence used to control, humiliate and intimidate another person. Broadcast Wednesday 9 February 2022 at 8.05 … Continue reading Big Ideas – ABC Radio National

Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Act is Under Review

Submissions to the review of Queensland’s anti-discrimination law are due in less than a month! If you are making an individual or community submission, our Ten-Point Plan for a Fairer Queensland is here to help. Developed by an expert team of human-rights lawyers the plan covers the top ten problems with the current law and … Continue reading Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Act is Under Review

COVID-19 Rules and Living in a Retirement Village or Manufactured Home Park

The rules, regulations and guidelines for what to do and not do since COVID-19 entered our lives have been ... complicated!  If you live in a retirement village or a manufactured home park, you might be wondering what laws relate to you?!? There are particular guidelines and rules for aged-care facilities and for a variety … Continue reading COVID-19 Rules and Living in a Retirement Village or Manufactured Home Park

Mum turns to Court seeking protection from daughter

The reasons behind elder abuse are varied and can be complex when mental health is a factor. Parents may be the last resort for adult children experiencing mental ill-health and find themselves caught between a desire to support their adult child and a need to protect themselves. In these fraught scenarios, the older person seeking professional help can feel guilt for taking action and … Continue reading Mum turns to Court seeking protection from daughter

Deidre at risk following daughter’s divorce

When an older person moves into a son or daughter’s house and pays to build a granny flat the older person may develop an interest in the property. When things go wrong, this sort of interest can be very difficult to prove, particularly where no written agreement exists. Putting things in writing while everyone involved agrees can help make everyone’s expectations, understanding and legal position clear … Continue reading Deidre at risk following daughter’s divorce

Our Volunteers

Caxton Legal Centre volunteers provide over $1 million dollars worth of legal services to vulnerable Queenslanders. 65% of our volunteers are senior lawyers, ensuring high-quality legal assistance is available to the people who seek help from Caxton. Our Volunteers Volunteers provide a number of services at Caxton Legal Centre including: •legal advice at day and … Continue reading Our Volunteers