Caxton Legal Centre represents the interests of people who are disadvantaged or on a low income when they come into contact with the law. We do this by strategically advocating to government, providing legal advice and social work services, publishing legal information and building community awareness about the issues faced by the people we help.

Caxton is an independent, non-profit, non-government community organisation. We are a registered charity so all donations are tax deductible.

We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for people who are on a low income or otherwise disadvantaged by working with partners from the community, government, university and private sectors.

Caxton has played a central part in Queensland’s legal landscape over the past 40 years, leading the state’s first Stolen Wages case, successfully representing well over 100 victims of the 2011 floods and paving the way for multidisciplinary service delivery to people experiencing elder abuse.

The Honourable Margaret McMurdo AC is the patron of Caxton Legal Centre.


A just and inclusive Queensland.


To promote and protect human rights in Queensland through access to justice.

What this purpose means to us

We provide accessible legal information so people know their rights and can prevent or respond to legal problems. Priortising those who experience disadvantage, trauma and marginalization, we provide free, high quality legal assistance and social supports. We advocate for reform to unfair laws, policies and systems. Working collaboratively with our volunteers and community partners we reach underserved populations. We do all of this to create a more just and inclusive Queensland.

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change explains the impact that we hope to have through our actions. Find out more here: Theory of Change

The Caxton Way

We will undertake our work in the “Caxton Way”. Find out more here: The Caxton Way

Strategic Scope

Our strategic scope identifies our current focus including where and how we focus our work. Find out more here: Our Strategic Scope

Strategic Scope – Focus Areas

We have identified the areas which we currently focus on and the areas that we want to explore in more depth in the future. Find out more here: Our Strategic Scope – Focus Areas

Impact measurement framework

We will measure our impact and will continue to update and improve our measurement tools. Each of our programs will have a program logic which will refer back to our Theory of Change and Impact Measurement Framework. Find out more here: Impact Measurement Framework and see an example of our program logic here: Program Logic Example