Who can the Employment Law Service help?

The Employment Law Service can help if you are earning less than $80, 000 or, if dismissed, you were earning less than $80,000 prior to your dismissal.

How can the Employment Law Service help me?

The Employment Law Service can assist if you are seeking legal advice because you have been:

  • sacked or lost your job and would like advice about a dismissal claim
  • bullied at work
  • sexually harassed at work
  • discriminated against at work.

We may be able to help if you are not sure if you are a contractor or an employee, or you suspect you are a sham contractor. The service will cease assisting if it becomes clear that you are conducting a business (as a genuine contractor).

We cannot help with:

  • contracts, either at the outset of employment or during employment
  • unpaid wages and entitlements disputes
  • second opinions
  • work cover and other injury-related matters.

Union members should seek assistance from their Union whenever possible.

For wages and entitlements disputes, contact the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Caxton’s Employment Law Referral List available on our Referral Lists page provides other legal advice options.

The Queensland Law Society can be contacted for a referral to a private (paid) lawyer.

The Employment Law Service is a program within the Human Rights and Civil Law Practice.