Caxton Legal Centre employs a small team of staff who are dedicated to their work.

Caxton Legal Centre has expertise in a range of areas of law including credit and debt, neighbourhood law, incorporated associations, employment law, discrimination, insurance, family law, and domestic violence and guardianship law.

Position Name
Chief Executive Officer Peter Lyons
Assistant Accountant Position vacant
Director's Assistant Tania Di Nicola
Administration and Community Engagement
Chief Operations Officer Deborah Ferguson
Front Office Coordinator Karen Rayner
Finance Officer and Paralegal Megan Pearce
Administration Officer Symone Wilson
Administration Officer and Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Ecclestone
Communications & Community Engagement Officer Camielle Donaghey
Publications Officer Ana Oertel
Administration Officer Alex Pathirana
Administration Officer Damien Janbroers
Administration Officer Jack Gibney
Human Rights and Civil Law Practice (incorporating the Park and Village Information Link)
Director, Human Rights and Civil Law Practice Bridget Burton (on leave)
Director, Human Rights and Civil Law Practice (Acting) Klaire Coles
Senior Lawyer Ros Williams
Senior Lawyer Yatarla Clarke
Lawyer Gillian Welsh
Lawyer Amanda Hess (on leave)
Lawyer Phyllida Verrall
Lawyer Melody Valentine
Lawyer Tim Murray
Lawyer Georgia May
Lawyer Nastassja Milevskiy
Lawyer Brittany Smeed
Social Worker Romana Leisser
Family, Domestic Violence and Elder Law (Incorporating the Seniors Legal and Support Service)
Director, Family, Domestic Violence and Elder Law Practice Cybele Koning
Lawyer Joseph Ho
Lawyer Colette Bots
Lawyer Tile Imo
Lawyer (Duty Law Office) Barbara Fox
Lawyer Amrit Prihar
Lawyer Terry Stedman
Lawyer Sue-Ellen Wright
FASS Social Worker Sally Richardson
Senior Social Worker Helen Wallace
Social Worker Frances Privitera
Social Worker Su-Lyn Lee