Vaccination Restrictions and Legal Advice

Caxton is experiencing a high number of calls relating to upcoming restrictions for unvaccinated Queenslanders. Please note that we have limited resources and can only provide advice to people seriously and personally affected. For example, we give legal advice to eligible people who:

  • cannot agree with their ex-partner about vaccinations or travel etc. for their children
  • are dismissed from employment
  • are charged in the context of a protest
  • wish to dispute, or cannot afford to pay, a fine issued to them for a breach of a public health direction
  • experience discrimination because of a disability or other protected attribute
  • are experiencing legal or social barriers to accessing vaccination (including domestic and family violence, discrimination, and inaccessibility of medical services).

We understand that there are a range of other concerns in the community about human rights and various public health directions; and about difficulties understanding the changing rules as they apply to any individual situation.

Businesses concerned about any regulatory or workplace matters are encouraged to seek advice from a private solicitor. For referral information please contact the Queensland Law Society.