Translated elder abuse resources now available

Caxton Legal Centre has recently produced several elder abuse fact sheets translated into languages other than English.

The resources have been translated into Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Serbian and Tagalog.

The World Health Organisation estimates that prevalence of elder abuse is between 2% – 14% in high- or middle-income countries.

Social isolation is a well-established risk factor for elder abuse, because isolation renders individuals more susceptible to abuse for physical, emotional and psychological reasons and also makes abuse less likely to be uncovered. Older culturally diverse people experience increased vulnerability to elder abuse as a consequence of the isolation that comes with not speaking English, and cultural conventions may also perpetuate a desire to keep matters within the family.

Caxton Legal Centre’s Seniors Legal and Support Service provides free legal and social work support for older persons experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment, neglect or financial exploitation. Interpreters are available.

The fact sheets which have been translated are:
• Staying safe at home
• Telling someone
• Keeping money and assets safe
• Making your own decisions

Caxton Legal Centre’s general brochure is also now available in translated form.

The materials can all be found online and printed from Caxton Legal Centre’s legal information website.

Staff from Caxton’s specialist elder abuse service, the Seniors Legal and Support Service, are available to provide an information sessions about elder abuse and the availability of these resources.