Simran’s Volunteer Experience

My name is Simran and I am a fourth year law and commerce student. I have been volunteering at Caxton Legal Centre for almost a year.  

Volunteering at Caxton has  been a really humbling and inspiring experience. I have seen first-hand the care and passion the lawyers, social workers and staff have for helping those in need, and in return I have seen gratitude from clients. The values that Caxton holds have taught me a lesson that I will carry forever: to approach people without judgement, and to always remember to use my knowledge and skill to help those who need it most.  Before volunteering at Caxton, I wanted to work in corporate law, however, my time here has piqued my interest in employment law.

My favourite thing about volunteering at Caxton is the lovely people I get to surround myself with weekly, and also the fact that I get to learn so much about the law, and lawyering, while still getting a break from my university study.