Services Overview

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Caxton Legal Centre provides services in the following areas. Please click on the links below for further information.

Ongoing casework may be provided in limited circumstances.

Consumer Law
Caxton has a specialist Consumer Law Service that focuses on consumer debt. The Consumer Law Service can give advice to people with legal problems arising out of consumer matters and consumer credit contracts.

Employment Law
The Employment Law Service can give advice in relation to unfair, unlawful and constructive dismissal, workplace bullying, discrimination matters and underpayment.

Family Law
Caxton's Family Law Service can assist with matters related to relationship breakdown and children. A Family Law Duty Lawyer Service is available to assist existing Caxton clients on the day of their appearance in the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court.

General Service
The General Service is available by appointment at our evening advice sessions. Limited daytime appointments are available when clients are genuinely unable to attend an evening session.

Law Reform
The centre undertakes a number of significant law reform projects each year. Community consultation, where appropriate, is undertaken to provide the basis for law reform proposals.

Seniors Legal and Support Service
The Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) provides free legal and social work support for seniors experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment or financial exploitation.

Social Work Service
Short-term social work assistance may be provided by way of counselling and referrals to community agencies and resources.

Park and Village Information Link
This specialist service provides information and legal assistance for residents and prospective residents of retirement villages and manufactured home parks in Queensland.