Self-help Kits

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Caxton Legal Centre publishes a number of self-help kits to practically assist people if they face certain legal issues.

Each self-help kit is designed as a guide to legislation and legal process, and defines legal terms, outlines a person's rights and may include relevant forms.

Hard copies of kits are provided free of charge through the centre, although a donation towards production costs is appreciated. Postage costs apply for bulk orders.

General legal self-help material

  • Have You Lost Your Job? - A legal guide to dismissal from work, managing on less money and getting back into the workforce.

  • Dividing Fences - A self-help kit about the law of building and maintaining fences between neighbours.

  • Tree Disputes - A self-help kit about neighbourhood tree disputes.

  • Police Powers: Your Rights - A guide to your rights when dealing with police. Stay tuned for likely changes affecting criminal law and juvenile justice in Queensland.

  • Schoolies Week - What You Need to Know about the Law - Information brochure for schoolies and their teachers.

  • Preparing Affidavits for the Magistrates Court - What you need to know to get an affidavit right.

  • Peace & Good Behaviour Order - How to get a peace & good behaviour order.

  • Letter of Demand - A letter to recover a debt owed.

  • Making an Application to Court for Adult Child Maintenance - For parents and children who need ongoing financial support once the child has turned 18.
    Sample documents for adult child applicants in adult child maintenance matters.
    Sample documents for carer parent applicants in adult child maintenance matters.

  • Making an Application to Court for Childbirth Expenses - A self-help kit for mothers.

  • Missing Persons - Information on what to do when family or friends go missing in Queensland.

  • Legal Aid Queensland and the Family Courts websites have further legal information on family law matters.

    Visit our links page for more information on specific areas of law.