Seniors Legal and
Support Service

The Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) provides free legal and social work support for seniors experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment or financial exploitation. SLASS is part of Caxton Legal Centre Inc.

The service can assist where the exploitation or abuse is taking place as part of a family or informal care relationship. Clients should be over the age of 60, or 50 in the case of Indigenous clients.

Get in touch if you are an older person experiencing or at risk of experiencing abuse, or if you are concerned about someone that you know.

All contact with the Seniors Legal and Support Service is confidential and free.

SLASS and Caxton Legal Centre cannot provide assistance with estate planning or conveyancing.

How can the Seniors Legal and Support Service assist me?

The service can:

  1. provide information, advice and support regarding elder abuse, mistreatment or financial exploitation
  2. provide short-term counselling
  3. provide information on your legal rights
  4. refer you to other legal, consumer and support services
  5. in certain circumstances, represent you in court or before tribunals
  6. provide community education.

How do I access the service?

You can telephone us on (07) 3214 6333. We will generally follow up with a telephone consultation and arrange a home visit if the service can assist.

Legal information at your fingertips

SLASS publishes valuable factsheets to provide easy access to information on common legal matters for seniors. The factsheets also include references to useful resources and a list of service providers if further assistance is required.

  1. Sharing a home with friends or family
  2. Financial gifts and loans
  3. Decision making and power of attorney
  4. Raising money from the family home
  5. Talking about financial matters
  6. Residential aged care and community care arrangements
  7. Consumer contracts - dodgy deals
  8. Preventing violence
  9. 10 Tips for protecting yourself from elder abuse

What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse is any act within a relationship of trust that results in harm to an older person, such as:

  1. intentionally hurting a person - for example slapping or hitting
  2. intentionally damaging another person's property - for example hurting pets or breaking belongings
  3. verbally intimidating, humiliating, harassing or controlling another person or making threats of physically harm or abandonment
  4. making unwanted sexual approaches or exhibiting indecent behaviour towards another person
  5. preventing a person from seeing others or denying them the right to make their own decisions
  6. intentionally or unintentionally failing to provide adequate care
  7. threatening to do any of the above.

What is financial exploitation?

Financial exploitation can include:

  1. the illegal or improper use or misappropriation of a person's property or finances
  2. forced changes to a will or other legal documents
  3. denying someone the right to access and control their personal funds
  4. unfair and abusive practices in seniors accommodation.

Our approach to client care

We respect an older person's right to confidentiality. We acknowledge that safety is an issue for all people experiencing abuse, and we will work with an older person to promote their safety.

We respect an older person's right to:

  1. choose whether or not SLASS will become involved in a particular situation
  2. choose whether or not to follow through with any of the options discussed with workers
  3. make comments about the services they receive from SLASS.

One-stop-shop website for Queensland seniors

The Queensland Government's seniors website offers a wealth of information in one convenient place. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can find information on topics ranging from retirement and healthy living to in-home support, transport assistance and legal services for seniors. Suggestions and contact details are also provided for getting involved in volunteering and social activities in your local community. You can even find out how to save on the cost of living and apply for a Seniors Card or Seniors Business Discount Card, which give eligible seniors access to discounts at more than 6900 businesses across the state. Visit the Queensland Government's website today to find out about all the services and support on offer to Queensland's seniors.