Queensland Parliament votes to pass Human Rights Bill 

Today’s historic vote to pass the Human Rights Bill is a significant step towards a more just legal system for Queensland. 

“Caxton Legal Centre was a key player in the campaign to introduce the Human Rights Act and we congratulate the Queensland Parliament on the vote today,” said Dan Rogers, President of Caxton Legal Centre. 

“Vulnerable Queenslanders will be better protected by the requirement that public entities act in a manner compatible with human rights, for instance through recognition of the right to healthcare. We also welcome to recognition of cultural rights specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.” 

Under the Human Rights Act Queenslanders will have protection of specific civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. From 2020 people will be able to make complaints when rights mapped out in the Act are not upheld. 

The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland will be renamed the Queensland Human Rights Commission and be the complaints handling body. Caxton Legal Centre will provide legal advice free of charge to those seeking to make a complaint.   

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