Making a Difference

non-violence image

At all times at Caxton we focus on promoting and protecting our clients’ human rights by overcoming the barriers they experience in accessing justice. 

Our human-rights work permeated through all of the programs in the 2021–2022 financial year. For the first time, however, we had the benefit of the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) and worked to engage that new law wherever possible to pursue better outcomes for our clients.  

Our human-rights work is responsive to community. In 2021–2022 we: 

  • continued to support clients affected by pandemic measures 
  • increased civil-law service delivery to victims of sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence 
  • prioritised casework services in the credit space to women victims of domestic violence to support the discharge of debts accrued in those relationships, clearing bad debt histories as well as the debts themselves.  

This year we have also done more work than ever before to support housing security. 

Read more about Caxton’s work and our client demographics, and a snapshot of the wide range of positive outcomes for our clients achieved this financial year in our two-page Impact Report 2021–2022, or peruse our Annual Report 2021–2022 for much more detail.