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Launch of Elder Abuse Action Australia
Caxton Legal Centre is proud to be involved with the foundation of a new national peak body, Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA). Launched on Thursday by federal Attorney-General, the Hon. Christian Porter MP, EAAA will support the national coordination and advocacy of issues related to the prevention of elder abuse. Founding director of EAAA and director of Caxton Legal Centre, Scott McDougall, made the following remarks at the launch.   Launch of Elder Abuse Action Australia 14 June 2018, by Scott McDougall Good morning and thank you Uncle Chikka for your warm welcome to Gadigal country. I am very proud to be a founding director of Elder Abuse Action Australia, and it is a great hono... Read More

Caxton Legal Centre welcomes the Queensland Government's financial commitment to implement a Human Rights Act in Queensland.

Myall Creek and Beyond
Caxton Legal Centre Director Scott McDougall recently gave a presentation to the Myall Creek and Beyond Symposium, at the University of New England.

Other News

Caxton Legal Centre thanks our Volunteers during National Volunteer Week 2018
It's not always easy coming in to volunteer after a full day in a busy legal job...but that's what all of the lawyers who contribute to Caxton Legal Centre's evening advice sessions do.

Caxton Legal Centre's newly minted Human Rights and Civil Law Practice
Caxton Legal Centre has given a new title of Human Rights and Civil Law Practice to what was previously known at the Centre's General Service.

SLASS Resolve Janet's Vexing Case
Janet was unhappy and uncomfortable living in her own home as a result of verbal and emotional abuse she was enduring at the hands of her tenants - and former friends - Lisa-Marie and Michael.

Information roadshow covers increased protections for retirement village residents
Caxton Legal Centre's Park and Village Information Link (PAVIL) is travelling through Queensland in 2018 to educate older people about retirement living options

A report from the 5th National Elder Abuse Conference in Sydney 19-20 February 2018
Caxton Legal Centre staff recently presented at the 5th National Elder Abuse Conference

Caxton Legal Centre supports prohibition on paper billing fees
Caxton Legal Centre strongly supports a prohibition on paper billing fees in this submission

Elder abuse community legal education in Cherbourg
Caxton Legal Centre's Seniors Legal and Support Service helps seniors experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment or financial exploitation.

Caxton closure hours over Christmas
Caxton Legal Centre's Evening Advice Sessions will finish on Friday 15th December 2017 and will reopen on Monday 15th January 2018.

New laws for residents of Retirement Villages and Manufactured Home Parks now in force

New housing laws to protect residents of Manufactured Home Parks and Retirement Villages

PAVIL welcomes new protections for Manufactured Home owners in residential parks

Retirement Villages & Manufactured Home Parks - "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"

Caxton supports calls to establish national Indigenous representative body
Caxton Legal Centre has supported calls for a national Indigenous representative body in its submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission's Inquiry into the incarceration rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Volunteer Hannah
Thanks to Hannah for her contribution as a front desk volunteer - here's her account of what it's like to volunteer with us at Caxton.

Volunteer Yolanda
Many thanks to Yolanda for volunteering on Caxton's front desk - here's her story.

Elder Abuse Report Highlights Need for Government and Community Cooperation

Your rights in the aftermath of a natural disaster

Call for national commitment to stamp out elder abuse

Reports highlight spike in need for elder abuse services

Dreyfus and Butler visit Caxton to discuss funding cuts
Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus and Terri Butler MP visited Caxtonís office this morning to discuss looming funding cuts to community legal centres.

Caxton helps Beth live her final months in peace
Beth* was already dying when Caxtonís Family and Elder Law Team encountered her as a client.

Queenslanders facing legal black hole

Need for a Queensland Human Rights Act still strong
Recent events have shown that the need for a Human Rights Act for Queensland is still pressing with introduction of audio recording by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Caxton Hall of Fame
The Caxton Hall of Fame recognises those outstanding volunteers who have contributed significantly to Caxton Legal Centre.

Schoolies in Queensland and Queensland Apprentices websites
Caxton Legal Centre is proud to announce the launch of two new information resources for young people.

I am so thankful to have my freedom again.
Barbara's* enduring power of attorney and was being misused by her daughter who refused to help her find alternative accommodation and withdrew a significant amount of money from Barbara's bank account. The person vested with the power to change Barbara's circumstances, her daughter, refused phone calls from both Barbara and the nursing home.

Without Unnecessary Violence

Calls to elder abuse helplines around Australia double in 12 months

Caxton Turns 40

Employment Service at Caxton Expands
For the past several years Caxton Legal Centre has had a small employment law advice program. We are extremely pleased that, as of April 2016, we now have three employment lawyers at Caxton.

Submission to the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 Review
Caxton Legal Centre was pleased to be able to contribute to the Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services review of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012. Our submission to the review is informed by the experience of our lawyers and social workers who have worked in domestic violence matters on behalf of both victims and perpetrators. We are particularly concerned with the lack of focus on and services for the victims of elder abuse who are often left out of discussions on family violence.

Park And Village Information Link - SEQ Information and Outreach Events 2016
If you have ever thought about moving into a retirement community to while away your retirement years, but arenít really sure where to start, look no further!

Volunteer Lawyers Needed!
Caxton Legal Centre is looking for volunteer lawyers to provide advice at our evening advice sessions.

Your Rights at Schoolies

Justice Reinvestment - a stitch in time
A justice reinvestment approach benefits entire communities, not just individuals.

Remembering Vera Raymer
Caxton Legal Centre was humbled to receive a bequest from Vera Raymer in 2013, and recently hung a painting in our office to honour her memory.

Media Release: A Human Rights Act would advance Queensland towards a fairer democracy
Tonight, on the eve of the September sittings, several Ministers, senior public servants, social service providers and community leaders will join members of the public and an eminent panel of speakers for a discussion about the benefits of enacting legislation to protect the human rights of Queenslanders.

MEDIA ALERT: Sell out crowd at Parliament House to kickstart Human Rights Act dialogue
On Monday 14 September, several Ministers, senior public servants, social service providers and community leaders will join members of the public and an eminent panel of speakers for a discussion about the benefits of enacting legislation to protect the human rights of Queenslanders.

New Direction for Caxton's Family and Elder Law Team
The Caxton Legal Centre management committee is delighted to announce the appointment of Cybele Koning to the role of Team Leader and Coordinating Lawyer, Family and Elder Law.

Caxton Legal Centre's submission into the Review of the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act Qld 2011

Close call for vulnerable Mrs A
Mrs A* was a 63 year old woman on a Disability Support Pension who suffered from a debilitating condition severely affecting her mobility.

Volunteers fill the staffing gap

Top queries coming through the Park and Village Information Link
So, what does the Park and Village Information Link advise on exactly?

Employment law booked out by 9:12 Monday ten weeks running.
Eight appointments is all Caxton Legal Centre has to offer the massive number of callers seeking assistance with employment law matters each week. For the past ten weeks, the appointments have been booked out within twelve minutes of opening though the Centre's front desk on a Monday morning.

Three things we learned at NAIDOC Week Family Fun Day
Last week's NAIDOC Week Family Fun Day in Musgrave Park Caxton Legal Centre was a massive success, and Caxton Legal Centre staff had a big day spreading the message that Caxton Legal Centre is able to provide trustworthy and culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

Ten tips on avoiding Elder Abuse
Elder abuse can be tragic, with seniors being ripped off by family or friends or inadequately cared for under Enduring Power of Attorney arrangements. However, there are some common-sense steps that older people can take to look after themselves. Here are the Seniors Legal and Support Serviceís ten tips on protecting yourself from Elder Abuse.

Volunteer students making a difference
Jasmine has volunteered as a Front Office Student in semester 1 2015, acting as a first point of call for people approaching Caxton over the telephone and face-to-face.

Caxton Legal Centre's Reconciliation Action Plan
A National Reconciliation Week BBQ with the Brisbane Sovereign Grannies group and a Sorry Day talk presented by Caxton Legal Centre's Indigenous Law Clerk, Candice Hughes, to engineering firm Jacobs, are just two of the Caxton Reconciliation Action Plan activities to have occurred recently.

Call for family law volunteers
Caxton Legal Centre is calling on family lawyers in the Brisbane area to contribute their expertise as volunteers at the Centre.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
The 15th of June each year is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, an internationally recognised day. Caxton Legal Centre's Seniors' Legal and Support Service (SLASS) is proud to actively raise awareness and provide assistance to older people who experience abuse.