I am so thankful to have my freedom again

Barbara* was incorrectly diagnosed with dementia and housed in a locked ward of a private aged care facility.

Barbara’s enduring power of attorney was being misused by her daughter Sharon, who refused to help her find alternative accommodation and who withdrew a significant amount of money from Barbara’s bank account.

Barbara experienced despair as a result of living amongst people who were too unwell to communicate with her. Her requests to change her colostomy bag were often overlooked by staff, resulting in leakage from the bag.

Caxton’s Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) stepped in and assisted Barbara to have her enduring power of attorney revoked and to move out of the dementia ward.

Barbara’s health needs are now met and her quality of life has been turned around—she told our lawyer and social worker: ‘I feel like a human again … I am the same person I was last week but since they moved me, I am treated differently, with respect. I am so thankful to have my freedom again.’

*Client has been de-identified