Please note that we are currently unable to take new referrals. Please contact Legal Aid Queensland or a private solicitor.

How can the Bail Support Program help me?  

Caxton Legal Centre’s Bail Support Program is funded by Queensland Corrective Services to help men on remand at Arthur Gorrie, Brisbane and Woodford correctional centres to apply for bail and access support services.  

Eligible prisoners receive advice and representation for bail applications from our lawyers. Clients who are successful in their applications then receive ongoing case management support from our social workers to ensure successful compliance with bail conditions.

Read about our best-practice social worker-lawyer intervention model.

The Bail Support Program solely assists with bail applications and does not provide advice nor representation to prisoners in relation to their substantive criminal matters.  

How do I apply for the Bail Support Program? 

Prisoners can contact our office directly for free by dialling #00 on the ‘Arunta’ system to complete an intake or to request an update on the status of our assessment of their eligibility for our program. The phone line is open from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm, and posters are displayed throughout the centres.

Family, friends and community service providers can telephone our office on (07) 3214 6333 to provide a prisoner’s details and obtain further information about our program.

Referrals from lawyers and judicial officers are encouraged and are best made by telephone to (07) 3214 6333 or by email to

Please note that our service provides eligible prisoners with both legal representation for bail applications and ongoing social work support in the event of a successful application. Should your client require only legal or social work assistance from our service, please contact our office to discuss your matter with one of our senior solicitors as these are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Whom we cannot help

We cannot help prisoners who are currently serving a custodial sentence, or the balance of a sentence due to the revocation of an order.

We cannot help prisoners remanded at correctional centres other than Arthur Gorrie, Brisbane and Woodford correctional centres:

  • female prisoners can seek assistance from Sisters Inside who operate a bail support program inside all Queensland women’s prisons
  • male prisoners can seek assistance from their current criminal lawyer or from a duty lawyer on the day of their court event.