General Information

Caxton Legal Centre has produced a factsheet addressing a variety of legal issues you may encounter while affected by the 2022 floods in Queensland.

The Queensland Government has published translated factsheets providing information about the top five most commonly experienced natural disasters in Queensland, and how you can better prepare for them. If you cannot find information in your language, please phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) to access interpreting and translating services.

Mission Australia has also put together a comprehensive list of emergency, disaster recovery and wellbeing services that can provide assistance to Queenslanders affected by the floods.

MinterEllison added a factsheet with general information and guidance on what to do and consider if you have experienced property damage following a storm or flood.

Community Legal Centres Queensland produced an easy-to-read plain-English guide about what to do after flood or storm damage, tips for making an insurance claim and a checklist of what to tell the insurer about.

Available Grants for Queenslanders Affected by the Floods

Disaster Recovery Allowance

Support if you have lost income as a direct result of the floods in South East Queensland starting in February 2022.

Disaster Recovery Payment

Support for eligible people adversely affected by the South East Queensland floods starting February 2022.

Resilient Homes Fund

Funding to support eligible homeowners in Queensland severely impacted by the 2021-2022 rainfall and flooding events.

Essential Household Contents grant

Grants of up to $1765 for single adults and up to $5300 for couples/families are available.

Structural Assistance grant

Grants of up to $10 995 for single adults and up to $14 685 for couples/families are available.

Essential Services Safety and Reconnection grant

There are two parts to the grant:

  1. Inspection: up to $200 towards a safety inspection for each essential service needing reconnection (electricity, gas, water and sewerage or septic system)
  2. Repair: up to $4200 towards repair work to enable essential services to be reconnected (e.g. electrical rewiring).