Financial Abuse Awareness training program

The Financial Abuse Awareness training program is part of the Financial Protections Service, a service co-designed by the Queensland Government, Caxton Legal Centre and Townsville Community Law. 

The training program is an online continuing professional development program that aims to raise financial industry awareness about the financial abuse of older persons.  

Research notes that education and training of professionals who encounter vulnerable older persons is an effective way to improve reporting, identification and investigation of suspected financial abuse.  

The program consists of a series of 5–20 minute videos and can easily be completed in half a day. There is no cost associated with the training.  

Individual outcomes on completion of the program will be: 

  • Increased professional knowledge and skills on financial abuse, and 
  • Knowledge of appropriate, ethical and professional approaches and responses to financial abuse.  

Videos are designed to be stand-alone modules and cover the following topics: 

  • Ethics 
  • Ageing in context 
  • Context of financial abuse 
  • Understanding financial abuse 
  • Impacts of financial abuse 
  • What financial abuse looks like 
  • Key decision-making areas 
  • Risk and vulnerability 
  • Working with older persons 
  • Working with capacity issues 
  • Detection 
  • Economic abuse 
  • Particular groups 
  • Responding to financial abuse 
  • Professionals responding to financial abuse 

View the complete training series here: