COVID-19 – increased employment law appointments

Caxton Legal Centre operates a specialist employment law service.  The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting many people with challenges in relation to their employment.   

Effective 25 March 2020, Caxton will be increasing the number of available day-time employment law appointments by phone for the purpose of helping employees understand their rights in the current circumstances.   

Caxton recommends two reliable sources for information specifically about COVID-19 and work: 

Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws – Fair Work Ombudsman

COVID-19 employment rights Q & A – Jobwatch

On these websites you can expect to find answers to the following questions: 

When can employees be stood down without pay? 

What if an employee cannot attend work because their child’s school has closed due to concerns about coronavirus? 

What happens if an employee or their family member is sick with coronavirus? 

What if an employee is stuck overseas or is required to be quarantined or to self-isolate? 

What if an employee wants to stay home as a precaution? 

When can employees work from home? 

What about casual employees and independent contractors? 

Can an employer change an employee’s regular roster or hours of work? 

Caxton Legal Centre also publishes the Queensland Law Handbook online employment law chapter for a general overview of employment laws.  

Telephone Caxton on (07) 3214 6333 to make an appointment. 

Caxton’s Employment Law Referral List available on our Referral Lists page provides other legal advice options.