Caxton Legal Centre welcomes the Queensland Government’s financial commitment to implement a Human Rights Act in Queensland

The Caxton Legal Centre building with the sign

The $2.5 million dollars allocated to the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland is a great start to this important reform. Those funds will assist in the Act’s administration and operation once it is, in fact, passed.

A Human Rights Act will be an important piece of legislation to protect the rights of all Queenslanders, especially those most vulnerable in our society. It will lead to better laws, and better and fairer delivery of services to Queenslanders.

We look forward to receiving further details about Queensland’s Human Rights Act, including when it will be enacted, how the Act will operate and, most importantly, whether a remedy or cause of action will exist for breaches of someone’s human rights.

Mark Thomas, President of Caxton Legal Centre, stated ‘A mechanism to make a complaint is vital to the proper operation of any human rights protections—a right that is not enforceable by any legal process is really no right at all’.