Caxton Legal Centre to provide extra family law appointments

Caxton Legal Centre will offer extra family law appointments by telephone from the week of March 30th for families negotiating short-term changes to parenting orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Parents and carers are responsible for acting in the best interests of their children, including making day-to-day decisions about their children’s safety and wellbeing. Currently, parents and carers are expected to continue to comply with Court orders in relation to parenting arrangements.  This includes facilitating time being spent by the children with each parent or carer as stated in parenting orders. 

Circumstances may exist as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic where parents and carers need to negotiate temporary changes to parenting orders. These include where one parent, or someone in close contact with that parent, has been exposed to COVID-19. 

Parents and carers are encouraged to record temporary changes to parenting orders in writing. 

Caxton Legal Centre’s specialist family law service may be able to assist where parents and carers find it difficult to reach agreement about temporary changes to parenting orders. 

Caxton Legal Centre has published information on COVID-19 and family law issues

The Family Court of Australia has also released a statement providing general guidance for parents in relation to COVID-19. 

Contact Caxton Legal Centre on (07) 3214 6333 to book an appointment. Caxton is currently receiving a high volume of calls, so please hang up and try again if you receive a message when you first call.