Caxton Legal Centre to cease tree and fence dispute legal advice

A senior lawyer shows a young volunteer a document

Caxton Legal Centre will have additional services available for vulnerable people when it ceases the provision of legal advice about dividing fences, neighbourhood tree disputes and retaining walls.  

Comprehensive legal information will continue to be available through the Centre’s well-respected self-help kits on dividing fences and tree disputes.  

“Caxton turns away thousands of disadvantaged people each year and the decision to no longer provide legal advice about trees and fences means we will now assist a greater number of people with matters such as domestic and family violence, homelessness, debt and unemployment,” said Cybele Koning, Caxton Legal Centre CEO. 

“The provision of trustworthy legal information is part of Caxton’s core business and we will continue to publish self-help kits on trees and fences. We are aware than many of the more ‘legally-capable’ individuals who approach our service can navigate tree and fence disputes independently with the aid of such kits,” she said. 

“Caxton is reliant on the volunteer lawyers who staff our evening legal advice sessions. This decision will ensure that their time is directed towards assisting individuals whose legal issues leave them in dire circumstances.”   

Caxton’s Tree Disputes and Dividing Fences kits can be found on the Queensland Law Handbook website.  

Legal advice appointments, targeted towards people who are disadvantaged or on a low income, can be made by telephoning the service on (07) 3214 6333.