Caxton Legal Centre adapts to pandemic conditions

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Caxton Legal Centre’s service delivery model has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring more employment and family law appointments are available and that its older clients are having their basic needs met. 

 Caxton Legal Centre staff are now working offsite and the office is physically closed. 

Caxton runs a specialist seniors service which typically provides legal and social work assistance, however in recent weeks staff have provided deliveries of essential grocery items and welfare checks for older clients who may have few others to rely upon. 

The jump in need for employment law advice has also seen Caxton mobilise its team of lawyers to provide extra employment law appointments for people in need.  

Similarly, family law appointments have been increased to assist separated parents with working out temporary care arrangements where informal negotiations have broken down. 

Other activities which normally occur face to face, such as community legal education, have been temporarily suspended, and written legal information is being published as an alternative. Legal information videos about certain aspects of the COVID-19 crisis have also been created. 

All of Caxton Legal Centre’s legal information on COVID-19 is here. 

Call Caxton Legal Centre to book a telephone appointment on (07) 3214 6333.