Allen and his mum become a family again


Allen’s birth mother was forced to give her consent to adopt Allen as she was young and unwed at the time of his birth. Allen was then placed in foster care. Despite repeated attempts by his birth mother to regain care of him on he was eventually adopted by a couple. Unfortunately, Allen was subjected to terrible physical and emotional abuse as a child by his adoptive parents. As soon as he could, Allen left home and cut all connection with his adoptive parents.  

As an adult Allen and his birth mother were reunited and developed a strong, loving relationship. Allen wished to apply to have his adoption order discharged in order to have his original birth certificate reinstated and to have his birth mother legally recognised as his parent. He approached Caxton Legal Centre for help with this.  

With the assistance of Caxton lawyer, Klaire Coles, and pro bono barrister, Simon Hamlyn-Harris, Allen applied to the Supreme Court to have adoption order discharged. After a short hearing Justice Wilson discharged the adoption order and reinstated Allen’s original birth certificate and birth name.  

Allen and his mother were in court together at the time the order was made. They were overjoyed to be legally recognised as family once again.